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Welcome to the China Wind Power e-Learning platform which offers you several Wind Power related courses grouped into four topic areas:

  1. Wind Power Resource
  2. Wind Power Electricity
  3. Wind Turbine Technology
  4. Wind Power Development

This Wind Power e-Learning Platform will support you in becoming a Wind Power expert. It is grounded on the knowledge of renowned experts, an innovative didactic approach and sophisticated IT technology. The project is backed jointly by Chinese and German government.

It is recommendable to conduct face-to-face tutorials to support the online learning. Here you can read the written contributions made by the tutorial experts

     1.  从气动力学概念看风电-陈振斌教授                                                          2.  风能资源分析与评估20101222-王晓蓉主任工程师

   Our Expert Team
   Didactic Concept

These online training courses have been created by an intercultural endeavor.

To get full use of the various backgrounds among all participants, course developers had free hand to select relevant contents and distribute them into a basic structure which has been jointly set up for the courses in a series. Actually, course development was a design-based learning.

It is recommended to follow the didactical concept of “design-based learning” while activities to improve capacity development in wind power sector are organized by adopting these courses as a tool. It is our best wish that the learners utilize, criticize and improve these courses in content and structure in a constructive way.

Chamilo functions well to realize our desire mentioned above. The training pilot explores this didactical concept.

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